Lack of sincerity, accountability and a season filled with betrayal ousted Muhoroni Youth from the Kenyan Premier League
OGUDA: Sincerity, Accountability and Betrayal: The sad END of Muhoroni Youth
By Zachary Oguda | Tue 07 Nov, 2017 09:31
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As one of the many countable Muhoroni Youth fans; seeing our five-year association with the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) come to an end was a sad one to take. Nobody wants to see his/her team go down. And in the fashion that we have hit the news headlines, the setback was celebrated, making it even worse for the few of us who bled Muhoroni Youth.

Sad that the going down might come with a lot of negative effects. Many people are expected to lose their jobs. The good people of Muhoroni will have to be contented with anything football but not the KPL; denying them a chance to have a glimpse of some of the top players in the country. The sad part, as things stand, is there is no guarantee of returning.

Looming Crisis

Despite the looming crisis that has engulfed the club for the better part of season and many of us are clinging to hope, the urge of staying up has proven to be an exercise in futility. Acceptance of our torrid season came at the MISC Kasarani in week 32 of KPL action, at the hands of Kariobangi Sharks; a team we comfortably beat in the reverse fixture - the result here was devastating to say the least, the show pointing to the National Super League (NSL).

My worry is, unknown to many, the NSL is the most competitive and unpredictable league in this nation. Just have a glance at its state at this time of the season and you'll see what I am talking about. Ushuru, Vihiga United, KCB and Wazito FC are all out to make it to the KPL; that’s a competition that is not for the faint hearted, ask KCB and Nakuru AllStars who have tried to make it back to the KPL for the last three years with no success.

There will be visits from our neighbors Agrochemicals (this should make things a bit enticing down there) but how things panned out this season, there was no way we were going to stay afloat. Take for instance the head coach's position, I even lost count of how many tacticians we employed, some lasting as long as one game.

Miserable Decisions

The decisions on the technical bench made James Omondi, you have come to know him as Odijo, look like a man playing a guitar at a house party. He was entertaining and occasionally struck the right cords but when results dwindled, the management decided to throw him somewhere midway through a trip; you don’t pull such tricks and expect God to be merciful to you. They have shoved Odijo up and down and no one knows the position he holds at the club even as I pen this piece.

Apart from the treatment of the coach and the players which have well been documented all season, Muhoroni’s major undoing, not only in this season, based on the issue of transparency and accountability. After our chief financier Moses Adagala decided to contest for a political seat, it was clear he had to churn out some good money to aid his campaigns. The failed bid meant tough times beckoned.

I am not saying that it was wrong for our chairman to vie for a political seat, but he ought to have come out and explained to his troops his situation and not skirting around issues. Many teams are struggling to pay players in the top division, but there are ways their bosses come out to talk to players about the situation; being transparent helps a lot. I feel Muhoroni Youth players were lied to. They deserved to down tools and I wish them the very best in the future. We have players in that team who are not going to go down; take that from me.

Financial Position

No one knows if the club is in a healthy financial position or in dire straits. Just because your owner is a billionaire doesn’t mean the club has any money. Who takes the blame when a manager is appointed and fails to deliver? Who takes the blame if a player fails to deliver because of unpaid dues? It rests with the man who owns the team.

Everything now at my club is at a standstill. The club needs a serious overhaul. We were rightfully relegated because we deserved it. This is not what we envisaged when we made our KPL debut in 2012. Those who knew Muhoroni Youth know we deserved better. We were drained by a few faces for political gains which backfired. We have been robbed of our pride and to be back to be where we belong, our team must be given back to the people who take pride in it.

Zachary Oguda

Twitter: @zaxoguda

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