Loathed and loved in equal measures, KPL should gauge the level's of once sanity before allowing them to participate in the league
Sam Ssimbwa: From match fixing allegations to the boxing world
By Zachary Oguda | Fri 08 Sep, 2017 08:00
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It is hard to find a man as polarizing as Sam Ssimbwa on these football streets. The Ugandan coach's spell on this side of the football world has shown everyone everything he is, and what lengths he would go in order to achieve his aims.

In his stints at Sofapaka, he has displayed glory, ruthlessness and, quite possibly, his darkest side in unprofessional terms; the latest antic being in a hurriedly recorded boxing match which he seemingly lost.

The dark triad of all these is a psychological trifecta that refers to three very distinct personality traits shown in various situations or places. It includes three components: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.  Its most literal antics always end with severe consequences as exhibited in his last stint with Uganda’s KCCA.

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The Man In Charge

Not to take away anything from him, Ssimbwa is a coach who strongly believes in himself and has his way of doing things; something that many mistake as an ego. He is currently the most narcissistic manager in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL); very selfish with an extravagant view on how he manages things. He is always the man in charge but one wonders why Sofapaka moved for his services with such a reputation.

In Uganda, Simbwa demonstrated various instances of his narcissistic personality; the most prominent being given an eight match ban by the Federation of Ugandan Football Associations (FUFA) for utterances he made when he claimed that because he loved to win so much he paid referees to fix a match without the knowledge of the club. And although the federation did not find evidence on his match fixing claims, he was to be sacked by KCCA, where he was an assistant coach to Mike Mutebi.

By the time of his ban, Simbwa is said to have held talks with Express FC but the club’s CEO Mr Ram Hadji said they were not going to employ a coach with a grave sin as match fixing; Simbwa requesting FUFA to reduce the ban on him at that time so he could find another club after being ousted by KCCA.

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Match Fixing

What does match fixing offence get you in developed countries? In France 1993, Olympique de Marseille was fresh from winning the UEFA Champions League. Marseille had also conjured a triumphant season with their fourth consecutive Ligue 1 title and the French Cup, but it was all undone with a stupid attempted bribe of several Valenciennes players. 

The Valenciennes players were approached by a Marseille official and a player revealed to be Jean-Jacques Eydelie, with an offer to throw their upcoming match and avoid injury to Marseille players, according to The Independent. Marseille were eventually relegated to Second Division and Tapie was ousted when additional financial irregularities were revealed.

Some Ugandan portals claim that the Simbwa judgement was hurriedly done with some calling for his arrest and a sterner punishment to set precedence to future offenders.

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Trading Blows

Fast forward and he finds himself hitting the news headlines after being pictured lying down allegedly after being knocked down by a punch by his counterpart from Posta Rangers Sammy Pamzo Omollo. Reliable sources claim that Simbwa had been sending tirade after tirade to the opposition bench and even celebrated his team's last minute equalizer in some mocking fashion. 

When Omollo felt it was too much he reminded the Ugandan how good he was in boxing in his heyday; an act that has now landed the Rangers boss in the wrong books of KPL.

Omolo might be charged if he is found guilty of the allegations but KPL and the clubs that participate in it should be gauging people’s sanity before entrusting them with leading teams. Just as I stated earlier, Simbwa is a born winner and a proven coach but employing him shouldn’t be sacrificed at the expense the league’s sanity. It’s the little things that count.

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