Prayer answered? Nakuru All Stars are set to earn Sh24 million a year from their food processing plant
Nakuru All Stars set for Sh24m-a-year shirt sponsorship
By Timothy Olobulu | Thu 06 Aug, 2015 15:10

Cases of un-paid salaries and allowances might be a thing of the past for relegation threatened Nakuru All Stars. The team has set up a food processing plant in Nakuru’s industrial area as a means of becoming a self-sustaining outfit and if the business picks up well, the club is set to rake in Sh2million a month to run its affairs. Already, the factory’s first product, Jomba maize flour has started retailing in Nakuru and the team’s relaxing gear is already slapped with the product’s brand.

“We have been saving an amount from the grants which we have been getting for KPL for a period of time and we used the funds, totaling to Sh4million to set up the factory. We have hired two warehouses and we used the money to buy the machines and set up. Basically, when the business picks up, we are set to earn about Sh2million in the least every month,” Nakuru All Stars Chief Executive Officer Robert Muthomi exclusively revealed to Soka.

Top Fry oil

All Stars were previously in a sponsorship deal with Menengai Oil through their brand Top Fry but the same has since elapsed. However, some of the players in the team have still been donning jerseys with Top Fry branding.

“Top Fry have not given us any money this year and so the sponsorship deal is all but off. The reason some of the players have been putting on Top Fry jerseys is that we haven’t brought in new kits. But, from next season, we will have the team putting on Jomba branded jerseys to promote our product,” Muthomi added.


All Stars is set to become the first self-sustaining club in the KPL and this will be a model jealously eyed by other clubs. Muthomi says getting sponsorship at this time and age has been tough and that is what pushed them to look for an alternative source of income to ensure the team does not go under.

“Looking at where we are on the table at the moment and again the current situation with corporates, it is very hard to find sponsors. It is a very good thing to be self-sufficient because in that, you never actually have limits on funds. Sponsors usually have a cap on what they give you but once you depend on yourself, you will never have short falls,” Muthomi added.

Mchuzi mix

After the maize flour product, All Stars will be unveiling their Mchuzi mix by the end of the year and by next year, they will be venturing into bakery and pastry products as well as production of wheat flour. Muthomi has urged fans to consume their products as a direct way of promoting the team.

Timothy Olobulu

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