FKF Nairobi East Branch has warned members against taking part in tournaments not sanctioned by the federation
Nairobi branch warns against unsanctioned tournaments
By Dan Ngulu | Thu 07 Dec, 2017 09:31

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Nairobi West Branch has warned its members and football stakeholders in general against taking part in the unsanctioned offseason tournaments, which are a major highlight in the months of December and January.

In a notice signed off by the branch secretary, Caleb Malweyi, referees, team managers and coaches have been advised to check with their respective offices at the branch to ensure the competitions they take part in are approved by the federation.

While the branch calls for the implementation of this directive, Malweyi noted that they are not against such tournaments, but only want to ensure standards in organizing and participating in the same are considered.

Branch statement

During off season periods of our branch activities a lot of tournaments sprout around. Most of these tourneys happen without the blessing of the federation. As an office we have a mandate to safeguard all our affiliate members which include match officials, coaches/ managers, players and teams in general.

Now at this point we call upon all of you to support your office by shunning tournaments that are not registered with the federation becauseĀ we can only win together.

Let it be understood that the federation does not wish to lock out individuals and corporates with good intentions of supporting football events in the society around them but kindly requests them to be responsive and notify the office so that as the events roll on we are fully aware and understand the mission or objectives of the tournaments.

In most cases you find that a would-be-good idea is killed by the lack of information and most of the people who use this for their own selfish gains. Most of the sponsors have brilliant intentions so please we urge you to guide them in seeking the blessings of your football office for sanctioning.

Please note that as an office we will have no business dealing with any referee, coach, manager or team or their associates that will be found supporting unsanctioned soccer activities.

Together let us safeguard our beloved game clearly knowing thatĀ Game Ni Mimi Game ni Wewe!

Dan Ngulu

Twitter: @danodinga

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