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Origi teammate in awkward trophy celebration after Cup victory
By Peter Wainaina | Wed 06 Dec, 2017 14:00

Norwegian defender Aleksander Melgalvis has found himself in hot water with the country’s Football Association after he took his celebration a little bit too far after bagging the Norwegian Cup on Sunday 3 December.

Melgavis who is a team mate to former Kenyan International Arnold Origi at Norwegian topflight club Lillestorm stripped naked during the team’s trophy parade and used the trophy to cover his genitals as fans watched on in amazement.

Show Respect

He has now been criticized for his actions by the country’s football governing body and urged to show a little more respect.

Yngve Haavik a communications director is quoted by the Telegraph as saying, “Winning the cup is a big thing and obviously it should be celebrated. But it is very possible to do so in a manner that shows the cup a bit more respect.

“I am sure it wasn’t intentional but it was received the wrong way and I think the player and his club can agree with that,” he said.


Melgavis surprisingly sees nothing wrong with his celebration and went ahead to joke that he would apologize to the King instead.

He said, “I can understand if some people didn’t like it. Should I apologise to the King? Well, I was very privileged to say hello to the King yesterday (Sunday 3) so maybe I should apologize today.

I don’t think my grandmother has seen it. Fortunately for me is that she doesn’t have the internet or social media to access,” the 28 year old added.

Cup History

Lillestrom secured the Norwegian FA Cup by beating fellow topflight club Sarpsborg 08 3-2 on Sunday 3. Origi who has since switched allegiance to Norway amassed full minutes in the clash which saw the side claim their first cup trophy in 10 years. It was Sarpsborg second loss in three seasons after making the final in 2015.

The Norwegian Cup is the oldest tournament in the country and the most coveted. It was first held in 1902 and the winner is recognized as being the Champions of the country.

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