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FKF releases agenda for AGM
By Patrick Korir | Thu 28 May, 2015 20:44

Football Kenya Federation has issued out the agenda for the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held in Kisii County on Friday 26 June.

The formal convocation of the AGM, that lists a total of 18 points for deliberation, has been called by FKF CEO Michael Esakwa pursuant to article 26 (3) of the existing constitution.

No follow through

In the list for discussion, as proposed by members, that makes up agenda 14. a), is the splitting of the vast Rift Valley in two, and to have the same formerly included in the constitution.

Also to be discussed, as agenda 14. b), is the amendment of Article 10 (1) to read; 47 branches of FKF and the corresponding Article 21 (c) to read one representative of the 47 branches (47 delegates) and not two representatives of each of the 20 Branches (i.e. 40 delegates) as is the case currently.

The agenda, and in line with the country's new boundaries dispensation will see FKF acknowledge each recognized County as a Branch. 

The above matter had been discussed during the 2012 AGM there was no follow through to have the same implemented in the next AGM (2013) as well as landing a filing with the registrar of societies. 

Also in the agenda for discussion, as 17. c) is the recognition of Sub branches to be represented at the General meeting by at least 5 members from the Sub Branch caucus, a representative group of sub branch officials.

In the cold

All along, sub branches have been left in the cold in matters to do with the AGM though they have been the foundation of the voting process during elections.

Approval of budget and agenda, lifting of lengthy bans of two officials Dr. Dan Shikanda and Hussein Swaleh aka Hussein Terry, address of the president and his activity report, suspension and expulsion of members, dismissal of a person or body,  approval of financial statements, admission of members and appointment of auditors, all make up the discussion points for the upcoming general meeting.

Invited for the AGM are 20 branches, 16 FKF Premier League clubs, 18 National Super League/ Division One club representatives and one member each from recognized association of coaches, referees and for football players. 

Patrick Korir

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